Cabri 3D

Click here to visit the CabriLog website to download the evaluation version of Cabri 3D

This will enable you to install a full version of Cabri 3D with which you can open and play with my files, and create your own. It will also install the files needed to manipulate objects created with Cabri but exported as XML objects e.g. in web pages like this, or in Powerpoint and Word files. Even when the evaluation copy expires you will still be able to manipulate embedded files. Test it out on the image below. Once you have installed Cabri 3D you should be able to drag points P or Q, and with a right-mouse you should be able to drag the figure to see it from different viewpoints.

You can purchase Cabri 3D in the UK from Chartwell-Yorke .


Here are five examples of MS Powerpoint files with embedded Cabri objects which you should be able to manipulate once Cabri 3D is installed.

The first 3 are `conventional' ones, where you click to advance slides. The last 2 are set as film loops which advance the frames about every 3 secs.

1. Cabri in subjects.ppt (1422 Kb)     2. A 3D link.ppt (311 Kb)    3. Perspective.ppt (1174 Kb)    

4. Cube symmetry.ppt (1735 Kb)       5. Stacking tetrahedra.ppt (580 Kb)

This is the file used to create the image above:  tetrahedron net.cg3 (52 Kb)

 Here are zip files of some of the Cabri 3D files I used to create these. 

1. (83 Kb)  2. (124 Kb) (81 Kb)  4. (229 Kb)


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